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Sympatex is the sustainable approach to a highly functional yet fully recyclable membrane

For the production of our membrane we use a polyester-based plastic. A material that has excellent properties and can be recycled easily like a PET bottle. In the future, we want to use only recycled material for the production of new materials. This way we can close the loop completely again.





Our membrane provides superior protection for your next outdoor adventure.

In contrast to other membrane technologies, our membrane works via a physicochemical principle. Water vapor molecules are transported to the outside along so-called hydrophilic molecular chains. A partial pressure gradient, generated by different temperature and humidity levels inside and outside, is the driving force for the water vapour transport through the membrane. The molecular structure (hydrophilic components) of our membrane swells with increasing humidity and thus dynamically provides more or less space for water vapor transport.

What are you waiting for?

We can only close the loop together, because our membrane is only part of it. We work closely with many brands that use our membrane to produce high-quality outdoor apparel for a closed-loop economy.

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Sustainable fashion, Environment & climate, Closing the loop

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Sustainable fashion, Environment & climate, Closing the loop

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Sustainable fashion, Environment & climate, Closing the loop

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