With a strong science and innovation foundation, MBT® has a unique approach that understands the human benefits of health, wellness and staying on the move. We know our consumers have realistic health and fitness ambitions. They want to maintain a healthy lifestyle which enables them to live and love life to the fullest.
When wearing MBT® shoes, whether standing or walking, one can’t help but be “on the move” due to its patented construction.
So whether you are going for a walk or just standing there, you're on the move. And if you just happen to want to look mighty cool in the process, we understand that too. It's only human.




Our advantage lies in MBT’s technology, benefits, and extensive research. As pioneers of physiological footwear, we protect against orthopedic issues, maintain spinal integrity, and improve balance. Our focus remains on advancing technology and creating life-enhancing products, empowering individuals to unlock their true potential.

MBT shoes harness the science of natural walking, recognizing that conventional footwear often lacks the muscle activation and stimulation of barefoot walking. The curved sole initiates a rolling motion, engaging foot, leg, and core muscles. Benefits include improved posture, and increased muscle activation. The MBT patented SensorTechnology offers superior shock absorption, reducing impact on joints and promoting a comfortable walking experience.

Sympatex complements MBT footwear, offering essential waterproofing and breathability for outdoor activities. Wearers can enjoy MBT benefits in any weather. Sympatex’s lightweight and flexible nature ensures a comfortable fit and natural foot movement, enhancing the overall experience. Furthermore, its eco-friendly attributes align with MBT’s sustainability values, reflecting the brand’s commitment to the environment.

MBT prioritizes sustainability, aiming to minimize environmental impact through sustainable materials and production methods. Production facilities are designed to reduce waste and energy consumption. Responsible sourcing and ethical manufacturing practices ensure socially responsible and sustainable product creation. MBT’s sustainability approach showcases their dedication to responsible business practices, delivering innovative, high-quality products with minimal environmental impact.


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