The outdoor clothing of the future is not only functional, but also consistently sustainable. For us, this is already no contradiction.

For a long time the cycle was closed, but we humans have broken it. New products continue to be produced which are thrown on large piles of garbage after use. We are the first generation that can close the loop again. To do this, as Sympatex we produce recyclable membranes for sustainable outdoor clothing.

The whole loop in view

We want to leave traces that the planet can deal with. To this end, we pursue clear goals that minimize the footprint both during and after production.


During the production of our membrane, we aim to reduce water consumption, not use harmful chemicals, and reduce or, if not otherwise possible, offset any emissions generated.


After production, we reduce the footprint of our materials by extending their useful life. We are committed to repairing and recycling the materials we use.

By 2030, we want to close the textile loop for functional clothing across the board and produce in a 100% circular fashion. For a clean environment – and for all those who come after us.

– Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO

Together we close the loop.

A little better is not good enough. We are already demonstrating that, together with our partners, it is possible to close the loop completely.

the loop.

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Our membrane protects you during your outdoor adventures. It is durable, as are our brand partners' products as a whole. So you have long-lasting, great pleasure in your clothing and can be active outside in any weather.


In the production of their products, our brand partners try to keep their water and energy consumption as low as possible and recycle all waste materials and residues into reusable granules.


Our membrane is developed so that it does not lose its function even after a long time and after repeated washing. This makes it easy to reuse the products, extending their useful life even further.


After their use, the products are collected through our partners in order to reuse the valuable material. This can be done quite easily via existing systems and processes.


We process used monomaterials as raw material for our materials. By 2030, we want to use only recycled material to manufacture our membrane.


Our partners are committed to ensuring that products can be easily repaired or reprocessed into other products. They should be used for as long as possible and thus slow down the consumption of new products.

Eco Design

Our brand partners design minimalist products from mono-material. The timeless design extends the useful life and the mono-material simplifies the recycling of the product, because it can be done without separating the individual components.


We manufacture our membrane and laminates from polyether ester. This not only helps us save water and CO2 emissions, but as a mono-material it also allows for easy recycling. We offset all emissions that we cannot avoid during production through carefully selected projects.

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