We are outdoors a lot and have the highest demands on our shoes and clothing. They are designed to keep the body dry and regulate body temperature. We have developed a membrane that provides optimal comfort in any weather and activity.

Not pores, but a physico-chemical principle

Hydrophilic, i.e. water-loving, molecular chains in our membrane absorb the water vapor and discharge it to the outside. The higher the temperature and humidity difference, the greater the effect. Thus, our membrane works dynamically and adapts perfectly to the conditions. At the same time, it does not allow water or wind to penetrate from the outside and protects the body from any weather.

Optimal comfort and effective protection

Since 1986, our membrane has been a benchmark for the sport and outdoor textile industry, as well for the workwear sector.


Our membrane has a water column of over 45,000 mm. As a comparison: The highest standard class of DIN EN 343 is reached from 2000 mm.


The hydrophilic molecular chains dissipate the water vapor to the outside. The effect increases dynamically with increasing temperature or humidity difference.


Our membrane is absolutely windproof according to DIN EN ISO 9237 and thus ensures that the warming layer of air is not carried away from the body.


We deliberately avoid pores in our membrane that could become clogged over time. Thus, the function of our membrane is maintained for a long time.

From the membrane to the product

The membrane is bonded to polyester facing and lining fabrics to form a laminate. Bonding to a variety of carrier materials is possible for the application of the membrane on different products. Only the use of a tape matched to the laminate makes the end product waterproof and a performance functional textile. Only this combination and extensive testing in accordance with our high quality standards and on the basis of international standards make a licensed Sympatex product. So you can find our membrane in all kinds of products from our partners.




Work clothes

Only this combination and an extensive testing according to our high quality standards as well as on the basis of international standard power make a licensed Sympatex product. So you can find our membrane in the most diverse products of our partners.

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A membrane for a closed loop

Our membrane not only protects you during your outdoor adventures, but also nature. For us, this is not a contradiction. With our membrane made of polyester and together with our partners, we want to completely close the textile loop.

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