Eurosko, the largest shoe chain in Scandinavia, aims to provide the best possible shopping experience for its customers, especially children, with inspiring stores, knowledgeable staff and a wide range of products. For several generations, the family business has focused on quality, comfort and function.


Ultimately quality, comfort and relevance (following the latest trends) is key for all our brands, using Sympatex or not. A part from that, all our brands have their own identity and key features; from high fashion, via active performance and lifestyle to the comfort segment. In the kids/junior range it is essential with performance, technology, durability and function. The latter is especially important in the Sympatex-range.

We are always searching for the latest trends, and we want to be leading brand in the market. That being in design, function, or technology. It is important to look modern and updated in order to stay relevant and interesting in the consumers eyes.

Sympatex for us equals quality and performance. The technology has proved time and time again that it performs as promised, and we are always confident that the consumer will be more than satisfied when buying a Sympatex product. In addition, the focus on sustainability is very relevant in time and a focus that we share with Sympatex.

Responsibility and sustainability are terms that are on everybody´s agendas these days, and rightly so. We are working to be a little bit better in this area every day, but we are also realistic and know that we still have a way to go. The shoe business is complex, and a shoe consists of many different components, which makes it difficult to be perfect. We are working in all areas to be even more responsible and sustainable and taking steps in the right direction constantly. From the supply chain to selecting components in the shoes and in our packing.