NNormal is an outdoor sports brand, born between the shores of Mallorca and the Fjords of Norway. The products reflect the common philosophy between Camper and Kilian Jornet, the two partners at the origin of NNormal: sustainability and performance, that inspire people to enjoy and respect nature. A mission expressed through timeless gear that's functional, performance-oriented, and built to last. All the outdoor equipment is designed in Mallorca and tested in Norway, as hinted in the name of the brand (Nor-way + Mal-lorca).


NNormal’s outdoor brand is founded on a shared philosophy of authenticity, utility, and respect for nature. We aim to be transparent in our production methods and we focus on timeless gear that is functional, performance-oriented, and built to last.

When it comes to product & the outdoors we as a team reflect on why we are passionate about the outdoors. In the end, it all comes down to enjoying nature, not altering it, as well as challenging your own abilities. Our simple, yet effective design approach showcases exactly that. Our designs are somewhat reduced to the minimum & showcase its excellence without being too decorative. Functionality comes first and yet our products are designed to showcase the trace of times, allowing every user to collect stories during their outdoor adventure.

Sympatex & NNormal carry similar brand values which we strive to follow every day, not only when it comes to product but in every area of our business. Constantly pursuing sustainable strategies is a key element of our business & partnering with reliable partners such as Sympatex is of great importance. PTFE and PFAS-free high performance membranes are not a nice to have but a must have when it comes to further shaping a sustainable future.

We mainly focus on durability, circularity, and transparency. Our ultimate goal is to create long-lasting products that can be repaired, recycled, and leave no trace. Find all the information on our website.