The founders Maximilian and Matthias wanted a sandal suitable for outdoor use that would provide an airy foot climate while still offering a firm hold. In addition to the toe separators, there are now also hiking and approach shoes as well as trainers and hut shoes.

We at Doghammer have set ourselves the goal of revolutionising the outdoor and sports industry with sustainable hiking boots, outdoor sneakers, cork toe separators and ecological hut shoes. In addition, we want to give a transparent insight behind the scenes and try to reveal all the “grey” areas of shoe production. Our vision – to produce hiking and outdoor shoes that leave the smallest possible, transparent and ecological footprint. We achieve this through fair production in Europe and Rosenheim, short transport routes, the use of natural and recycled materials as well as a large portion of closeness to nature and team spirit!

We mainly use natural materials such as cork, leather, wool and linen for our shoes. Many other parts are made from recycled or upcycled materials. These include, for example, the Sympatex membrane in our mountain boots and old ski skins and climbing ropes in our hut shoes and outdoor sandals. Our colours also reflect the fantastic mountain world and are perfectly coordinated. Stylish, but not too playful.

With our mountain boots in particular, it is incredibly important that the membrane always works. We can guarantee this with the Sympatex membrane. The sustainability of our shoes also plays an important role for us. The Sympatex membrane is made from recycled material and can also be recycled again, so that the circular economy functions optimally.

To produce functional and sustainable shoes that leave as small and transparent a footprint as possible. How do we achieve this? The explicit selection and sourcing of natural, renewable and recycled materials in Europe, which is why we use recycled cork in all our shoes. The inclusion of social aspects, such as fair labour wages and conditions, which is why we produce exclusively in Europe and operate our warehouse together with a facility for people with disabilities. Transparent communication, which is why we disclose our value chain with suppliers and transport routes. We want to continue to improve our products and materials and act even more sustainably. We have therefore set ourselves further goals that we want to realise by 2026. Ensure transparency in the production and supply chains of the main materials used. Leather suppliers must be labelled with the Leather Working Group’s Gold Standard. All our outdoor shoes must be resoleable.