AYAQ is the convergence of French design expertise, mountain-tested durability, and a commitment to European craftsmanship. Each piece is a testament to our dedication, featuring materials sourced locally and crafted in top-notch European ateliers.




Our 3 main pillars are:

– High technicity for all of our garments, with form and function going hand in hand to make durable and mountain-tested iconic pieces

– Deep eco-responsibility, using either 100% natural fibers such as RWS Merino Wool or 100% mechanically recycled polyester; with eco-friendly partners

– A 100% made in Europe model, working with top-notch ateliers and suppliers, with a constant vigilance about fair pay, working conditions or waste management.

We have a strong heritage, as AYAQ means «snow on clothes» in Inuktitut, one of the main Inuit languages.

Our collection offers a distinctive cut, close to the body, in a nordic look. This philosophy enables our garments to be great for temperature and humidity management, with a 3-to-4-layer compatibility on every piece.

Our winter collection is ready to face the harshest glacier conditions, while our summer outdoor sports pieces have been tested in high temperatures in humid environments.

Using Sympatex is a logical choice for AYAQ, as its molecular complex technology works even better when doing intense sports activities compared to other membrane technologies. Sympatex’s dedication to a European model, with a recyclable membrane fully resonates with our philosophy.

We only work with selected European partners, who prove that they have an eco-friendly value chain and a fair remuneration system. With a 100% European sourcing and manufacturing, we reduce as many transport-linked Co2 emissions as possible, using railways instead of roads when possible. 1% of our revenue is given to impactful eco-friendly NGOs.

We have a 3-years warranty on our main pieces, working towards a 5-years one as soon as we reach the garments full life cycle on our first collections.


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