Sustainable winter boots

Winter shoes should primarily protect against snow, wetness and cold. But it is not so easy to find warm and sustainable winter shoes for men and women.

Quelle: (c) Camel Active
Viele Winterschuhe sind zwar warm, aber weder fair oder gar vegan produziert.

First of all, it is important to know what characterizes a sustainable winter shoe in the first place. The different brands focus on different aspects here: Some use sustainable, vegan leather for their women’s and men’s winter shoes or work with materials made from recycled PET bottles. Others use animal leather from Europe – sometimes even from certified organic livestock farming. There are no precise rules defining when a winter shoe can really be described as sustainable. One thing is certain, however: if you find out more about the brand, the production and the material of the shoe before you buy it, you’ve already done a lot right.

Highest standards for sustainable and fair production

Als modernes Familien-Unternehmen und umweltfreundlicher Outdoor-Ausrüster nimmt Vaude seine Verantwortung für Mensch und Natur sehr ernst. Das Tettnanger Unternehmen ist seit fast 50 Jahren im Outdoor und Bergsport-​Business und setzt immer wieder neue Standards für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften, umweltfreundliche Produktinnovationen und faire Produktionsbedingungen.

So auch bei dem modischen und urbanen Männer-Winterschuh UBN Kiruna II Mid STX für den Stadtalltag. Der Winterschuh ist nicht nur ultrabequem, sondern auch leicht, sportiv und gegen alle Wetter gewappnet. Und ein echter Umweltfreund noch dazu: Das robuste Nubukleder aus der deutschen Manufaktur Heinen zählt qualitativ zu den besten weltweit, das warme Innenfutter mit Recycling-Anteilen wärmt auch an eisigen Tagen. Und die recycelbare und PTFE- sowie PFC-freie Sympatex-Membran garantiert trockene Füße und eine gute Atmungsaktivität.

Quelle:(c) Vaude 20493 839 D 1 Women
Als umweltfreundlicher Outdoor-Ausrüster nimmt Vaude seine Verantwortung für Mensch und Natur sehr ernst.

The sustainable winner among winter bike shoes

If you don’t want to miss out on cycling in winter, you should invest in a robust and weatherproof winter cycling shoe. Vaude has invented the perfect sustainable solution for this: The half-high cut, waterproof and windproof winter bike shoe Minaki II STX.

This one protects reliably against dirt and moisture thanks to the waterproof construction with recycled Sympatex membrane; a good insulation layer also keeps the feet warm up to above the ankle. The VAUDE Green Shape label also guarantees an environmentally friendly, functional product made from sustainable materials.

This way, the biking season goes easy into all-year extension! The trade magazines MountainBIKE and RoadBIKE confirm this: The Minaki Mid II STX convinced an expert jury and took first place with 92 out of 100 points with the top rating “Outstanding” in their winter cycling shoe test 2020/2021.

Quelle:(c) Vaude
Der nachhaltige Testsieger unter den Winterbikeschuhen.

Sustainable and the City

Camel Active is an international lifestyle brand that has made active, sustainable and responsible behaviour and action its daily business, not just clothing and footwear. Wherever possible, attention is paid to sustainable and resource-saving processes.

For selected outdoor jackets and shoes, Camel Active therefore also uses the completely recyclable, PTFE- and PFC-free and climate-neutrally produced Sympatex membrane. The Sympatex membrane also ensures that the sturdy winter outdoor boot is equipped for any weather and all activities in nature or in the city. The upper material of the shoe is a combination of high-quality processed leather and suede. The Sympatex membrane makes the boot water-repellent and yet breathable.

Quelle:(c) Camel Active Boot GRAVITY 21241276 C45 10
Für ausgewählte Outdoor-Jacken und -Schuhe verwendet Camel Active auch die Sympatex-Membran.

Eco-friendly and functional – the perfect winter shoes

Whether it’s snow, mud or wet – an eco-friendly, functional product made from sustainable materials not only keeps your feet dry and warm in any weather but also helps our planet. And if you’re still looking for the right pair of gloves, check out our blog post on sustainable winter gloves for helpful tips and buying recommendations.

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