Help shape the future of the outdoor industry sustainably!

Under the motto Let's create solutions. Together! Sympatex launches the Sustainability Impact Program. Creative minds and their enthusiasm are the driving force behind new, innovative approaches. Sympatex wants to try things out together with designers, make mistakes and then generate real solutions based on existing and future possible infrastructures.

Are you a designer in the textile industry and want to make a positive contribution to the environment? Then the Sympatex “Sustainability Impact Program” is the ideal opportunity for you!

Thanks to our long-standing, trusting relationship with the outdoor industry, Sympatex forms a pool of various experts along the value chain.

Together with you, as a designer, we create the perfect starting point and a driver for problem solving within our industry. With our commitment and experience in development, Sympatex strengthens an open exchange regarding circularity and sustainable management. Together with creative minds, we want to increase our level of networking to accelerate the vision of a better textile industry.

1. What’s the Sustainability Impact Program?

The “Sustainability Impact Program” from Sympatex is a training programme aimed at young designers from the outdoor industry. In the first module, Sympatex offers 20 selected designers a platform for knowledge exchange, workshops and lectures on the topic of “Responsible Design”.  The program starts at the Performance Days on 4 and 5 October 2024.

2. Let’s create solutions. Together!

A key feature of the program is its practical orientation. The workshops take place at relevant trade fairs and are designed to develop creative solutions in close cooperation with the participants. The aim is not only to convey theoretical concepts, but also to implement concrete projects.

3. Module structure

A module comprises two practical workshops and two online sessions and ends with a conclusion at the Performance Days in spring 2025.

During this time, the designers benefit from content on eco & circular design as well as on innovation / creativity promotion and information on recycling strategies.

The program will be delivered by Sympatex specialists as well as independent experts from the industry. The workshops will be realized at the trade fairs in a dedicated workshop area and will take place collaboratively with the participants: Each participant receives access to the network with all contacts and has access to exclusive fact sheets on relevant content relating to ecodesign, such as a sustainable trim library including contact information and article numbers.

4. How do I become part of the Sustainability Impact Programme?

Designers apply for a place on one module at a time. The number of participants is limited to 20 places. Details of the selection process will be published shortly, but the selection of designers will not depend on the size of the brands, but on the mindset towards a sustainable, fair and progressive fashion world!

5. Our goals with the Sustainability Impact Program

The aim of the program is to appeal to the decision-making power of the designer.

The impact of a designer is of enormous importance in the value chain to bring sustainable and recyclable products into circulation.

Designers who understand the steps to the material and the process after sampling can develop contemporary ideas and make conscious decisions. This is an important building block in the value chain and can only work through teamwork and interdisciplinary approaches. As an ingredient brand, Sympatex is strongly networked and would like to use this advantage to promote the circular economy in the textile sector with the “Sustainability Impact Program”, among other things.

Responsible Design Guide

Sympatex has already developed a Responsible Design Guide.

Here we provide strategies and impulses from eco-design to make responsible decisions under fair conditions in the sense of the circular economy.

Apply now for one of the strictly limited places in Sympatex’s “Sustainability Impact Program” and be part of the movement for a greener future in the outdoor industry! Together we can make a difference and accelerate the vision of a better textile industry.

Your contact person Lisa:  is looking forward to your application!

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