We are an "Outdoor lifestyle brand" as it is called in Norwegian. Our strategy is to become a full-fledged supplier of sportswear, from head to toe, inside to out, summer and winter. More about that in the autumn; but we received a wonderful confirmation of this when we were named "Newcomer of the Year" by the Norwegian Sports Industry Association.

Our vision is still the same: to give people a break from everyday life. So we can promise you that we will work hard to continue to be both the best in tests and the best at parties.

At Hygge, we spend more time outdoors rather than inside when we develop our products. We are a small company based in Hemsedal, Norway. Hygge started in 2004, with $1.000.

Hygge is an outdoor lifestyle brand, founded for the sole purpose of skiing. Operated and owned by ski bums, Hygge contributes to a thriving community among the mountains of Hemsedal, Norway. To this day, our employees receive a written warning if they are not skiing on powder days. As a brand, we work hard for each other, and consider ourselves a small family. Freedom is a significant part of the values in the company, which makes the employees love their workplace, and always put in the extra effort to succeed.

What sets us apart is our dedication to infusing the principles of Hygge into our design philosophy. We believe in creating products, that prioritize comfort, and sustainability. We aim to bring a positive change to the world. Our products are made with high-quality materials and designed in the elements for premium performance in the Scandinavian climate.

Collaboration is fundamental to our approach. We highly believe in the power of partnering with like–minded organizations, who shares the same vision for sustainability and innovation. Sympatex is our ideal partner, playing an essential role of our innovation and development. Together with Sympatex, we make our shell clothing biodegradable, with a PFAS and PTFE free membrane.

As a brand, we aim to make quality products, with recycled and sustainable materials. We feel a strong responsibility to take care of our planet and are committed to continual improvement. Cooperating with Sympatex is a statement, showing that sustainable garments preform as well as other material, despite the emissions in the clothing production and the choice of materials. We are dedicated to work for a better tomorrow and having fun while doing so.