Arctic Legacy

At Arctic Legacy, we specialize in high-end, sustainable outdoor gear crafted in Europe from locally sourced eco-materials. We’re passionately dedicated to contributing to a healthier planet, and our timeless pieces are built to last a lifetime.

To design and build high-end outdoor apparel that excels in quality, durability, and comfort, all while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Since our garments are built to last for decades, we prioritize classical, timeless designs while continually enhancing specific details to improve performance, wearability, and comfort.

Sympatex is an ideal partner for us due to our shared commitment to sustainability. Your high-performance materials empower us to craft durable, comfortable, and environmentally responsible garments, perfectly aligning with our brand’s values and mission.

At Arctic Legacy, our commitment to a ‘better world’ drives every aspect of our business. We prioritize sustainability by sourcing top-quality, eco-friendly materials locally and manufacturing exclusively in Europe. This allows us to leverage European craftsmanship, and create long-lasting garments while eliminating the necessity of shipping or flying products around the world.