MONTREET stands for sustainable living, exciting, edgy designs and a simple promise: All our products combine honest outdoor fashion with unique design. This makes every garment unique and wearable zero waste fashion. By manufacturing in Europe, the ecological footprint is kept as low as possible, without forgetting to constantly revise and think through every working process.


“Don’t change who you are – Just start wearing green!”

With this quote, the young designer Nadine Schratzberger launched her own outdoor fashion label in 2018. Since then, she has been designing honest sports fashion in Vienna in the spirit of sustainability, combining functionality with trendy, unusual designs by local artists in her products and the MONTREET label. But even before 2018, a lot has happened. After years of working in the sports fashion industry and countless lectures at Greenpeace, Global 2000 and Co. Nadine realized that the production methods of this industry are no longer sustainable. She made short work of it and decided to revolutionize the Austrian sports fashion scene and start her own label. After extensive research, it all started with a crowdfunding campaign via the well-known platform “Kickstarter”, thus the first MONTREET*collection came to life at the end of 2018. Why a revolution was needed and still is?

We at MONTREET go further and think of the next generation, burning for sustainability, but not only for ourselves, but also for all those who will live after us on this planet and to whom we would like to offer a healthy and perspective-rich future.

We can’t do without features! Fashion must necessarily also have an added value. Our garments are first dreamed up, thought through, designed, tested and only when we feel they are top class are they sent into production. Our needs for cycling, for example, are different from those for climbing, and it is precisely according to these needs that the particular cut is designed and the functions adapted. It is not only quality and appearance that count, but above all the details that make your everyday life and outdoor adventures unforgettable. Fashion with sense and reason, that is a matter of the heart for us.

“We live sustainability not only for ourselves, but also for every young generation that needs an intact environment to live in the future.”

SYMPATEX | The membran for our jackets

The fabric for our jackets is made of recycled polyester. In order to meet the highest demands for functionality, the outer fabrics of our outdoor clothing must be water-repellent. From the inside, the jackets are processed with a membrane, which ensures that they are breathable and maximally comfortable. Here we use the climate-neutral and recyclable membrane from Sympatex. As part of the Greenpeace “Detox” campaign, water-repellent outdoor products are regularly tested for their pollutant content. Products made from Sympatex material always come out on top in these tests.

This is WHY we think it’s one of our higlights that we are able to collaborate with SYMPATEX. It’s the future for performance waer and we are also part of the future.

We combine honest outdoor fashion with unique design. Designed in Vienna and made in Europe, that’s MONTREET.


Individuality makes fashion for us. Away from fast fashion to garments with character – How to do that best? You work together with artists! Vienna’s art scene is multifaceted and colourful. To give the individual artists more visibility, we make them wearable. Each collection is designed in collaboration with a new artist and is then available from us as a limited edition. Because the prints are never put together in the same way on any garment, each product is unique.


Let’s face it. The fashion industry is not exactly one of the pioneers when it comes to environmental protection and sustainability. We want to make that better and change it together with you! To do so, it’s important to be transparent about all the steps and processes that happen along the supply chain. We take you with us on the journey from the fiber to the wages of the workers in our production sites and regularly rethink all our decisions. We’re not perfect, but we’re working every day to become even better, more transparent and more sustainable. Because honest still lasts the longest!


As a sustainable fashion label, it goes without saying that our central pillars and values are not only focused on the product, but sustainability runs through all levels. Therefore, the protection of nature and the longevity of our products are at the heart of our development of each garment. Starting with the selection of our fibers and production sites to the shipping material and customer service. That’s why we also take care of repairs should your garment become damaged. And because we know that a purchase decision has to be well thought out, we also offer you the possibility to rent products for a trip or a weekend in the countryside. We also follow the SDG’s


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