Joya shoes are gentle on the joints and promote healthy, active walking. Thanks to Swiss sole technology, our customers experience the highest level of comfort as their steps are gently cushioned and the pressure is optimally distributed. With Joya shoes, our customers invest in their long-term health.

The special thing about Joya shoes is their innovative Swiss sole technology. This is designed to cushion hard floors and transform them into a soft surface. The elastic PU foam of the soles adapts to the shape of the foot and provides support. In addition, the shocks that occur when you step are dampened, which relieves the strain on your back and joints. Through our unique combination of comfort and functionality, we improve the well-being and health of our customers.

At Joya, we design shoes with a clear goal: to enable everyone to walk and stand healthily. We use soft materials, high-quality leathers and high-performance textiles – water-repellent in winter and breathable in summer. Our shoes must always fit perfectly to provide the best possible walking experience. We strive for a timeless and honest style, subtle yet modern. We value long-lasting shoes with a high level of comfort and aesthetic design.

Warm and dry feet, especially in the cold seasons, are a top priority when it comes to uncompromising comfort. With the water-repellent and breathable Sympatex membrane, we can guarantee that our shoes will always function optimally, regardless of the weather.

We are convinced that sustainability and longevity are closely linked. Therefore, we always select materials carefully to ensure they meet our high standards of performance and durability. Our goal is to create long-lasting shoes to counteract pointless overconsumption and end-of-life waste. Our shoes are designed to guarantee healthy and comfortable walking over a long period of time.

Here you will find the latest Sympatex models.