Joe Nimble

We ensure lifelong running enjoyment by relentlessly pursuing what is right and good for passionate runners because we believe in fostering positive obsession. For those who put running before reason!

Strong toe, fast pace! That is our mission. We want to make the foot function and especially the big toe of every runner stronger and more flexible. With our vision «Performance = Propulsion», we give runners around the world the full power potential of their foot back!

A foot whose toes have adapted to the shape of conventional running shoes over the years loses its freedom of movement and tends to overpronate during the propulsion phase of running. The body has to compensate for this in other areas. This affects the movement patterns in the ankle, knee and hip and can lead to the most common pain patterns experienced by runners.

We aim to make shoes for runners for whom running is an essential part of life. To do this, we need reliable partners who place just as much value on quality, durability and sustainability. That’s why a partnership with Sympatex was an obvious choice for us.

We believe that quality and durability, along with recyclable materials, is the most important thing! That’s why we aim to equip our shoes for as many kilometres of running as possible.