Sympatex supports focus topic of Funtional Fabric Fair Portland

Sustainable membrane innovations in textile and footwear

Functional Fabric Fair Fall 2023, is taking place November 1-2, at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Membrane manufacturer Sympatex invites to discover innovations in textile and footwear sectors (Booth 813). Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO Sympatex, supports as a speaker on the main stage, November 2, 11.30 AM.

There is growing pressure to improve responsible sourcing practices and reduce the environmental footprint. Associated with it, ingredient sourcing is on focus, because the ecological footprint of a garment depends very much on the choice of material.

Membrane manufacturer Sympatex is therefore expanding its product portfolio every year to include laminates made from fibre2fiber recycling. Sympatex invites visitors to its stand (Booth 813) to see what adjustments are already possible today to reduce the impact on the planet. The brand has also developed an Eco Design Guide to pass on this knowledge to all brand partners. Interesting for everyone, because in Europe, the EU Green Deal is incorporating Product Environmental Footprints.

Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO Sympatex, will dive into the topic at the main stage on November 2, 2023 , 11.30 AM – 12.15 PM. The discussion takes place under the title: The recycling “Bottle”neck – why fibre-to-fibre is the only viable option to serve our recycling commitments”. The session will also offer insights into the most recent European legislation plans for the industry in terms of sustainability and a glimpse into new technologies for an emergent fiber-to-fiber recycling industry.

“More and more brands are committing to ambitious recycling targets for their synthetic raw materials. In particular for the most valued raw material polyester, most rely in their approach on supply chains based on PET bottle recycling, which is actually the easiest recycling process. This can only be a very short term solution, because bottle recycling will soon no longer be available as a raw material source for the textile industry. It is therefore an economic and strategic imperative to put all energy on closing the textile loop – and embrace design standards to support this process at best (Design4Recyclability).”, says Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO Sympatex.

“Performance Days and Functional Fabric Fair powered by Performance Days have played a significant role in educating the outdoor industry. Sympatex apprecciates this very much. We strive for cooperation, knowledge exchange and education to accelerate our efforts towards a circular economy. This year’s motto of the fair “From Membranes to Carbon Story” is particularly exciting for us. Now that the use of PFAS is finally banned. Therefore, we support the trade fair concept of Performance Days all year round, in all three cities, Munich, New York and Portland.”, says Kim Scholze, CSMO Sympatex.

The new section to the show is the greater attention around Footwear. Sympatex will present its latest innovation, called Sorrento non-woven. The company could eliminate polyurethane foam to reduce CO2 emissions by 10% and water consumption by 15%.

Sympatex will be on site with the new team member Marc Estor. Marc Estor is employed as Global Sales & Business Development Footwear.

“From my apprenticeship in one of the first running stores in Germany until today, everything has revolved around shoes. Thanks to my various leadership functions with strong brands, I have been able to successfully get to know a broad spectrum of the footwear industry and successfully implement different approaches to brand positioning and go-to-market strategies.”, says Marc Estor, Global Sales & Business Development Footwear, Sympatex.

“With the new challenges in the footwear industry, especially in terms of CSR and innovation, I am happy that I can now contribute to the footwear industry for the brand Sympatex, which stands for sustainability, which will significantly reduce the footprint in the industry. I am looking forward to this challenge and invite everyone to join me on the path of change. What was right in the past does not have to be right in the future.”, Estor adds.

Dedicated to outdoor and active apparel, the fall Portland edition will feature innovative textiles and footwear for the Autumn/Winter 2025 season alongside informative expert-led talks.

The fair is open – free of charge – to verified designers, product, purchasing or material managers looking to source fabrics and accessories for outdoor, sportive performance and lifestyle apparel. Don’t miss this chance to reconnect with the apparel community in person.

About Sympatex

Re>Closing the loop. Together. By incorporating a climate-neutral and recyclable Sympatex membrane.

100 billion garments and 23 billion pairs of shoes produced p.a. represent Sympatex‘s future source of new raw material, once they‘ve reached their end of life. The intelligent Sympatex membrane has been used in clothing, shoes, accessories and technical applications since 1986 and guarantees being 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable – in accordance with the performance standard. Intelligent? The membrane develops proportionally increasing breathability at higher activity. New and far above standard is that Sympatex produces functional textiles from recycled and recyclable monomaterials. Sympatex will no longer use new materials from the oil industry in the future. Instead, used textiles are transformed into new, high-quality membranes, laminates and functional textiles. Sympatex is working with selected brand partners worldwide to close the textile cycle together.