e.dye® is a green textile company that provides Complete Sustainable Solutions from green design covering recycled and recyclable material and color decision to low environmental impacts products.



What matters most to you as a brand?

At e.dye®, we champion sustainable textile innovation through our Waterless Color System™ and a strong commitment to infinity recycling. Our method significantly reduces water usage in dyeing, offering vibrant, lasting colors while minimizing environmental impact. Emphasizing textile-to-textile recycling, we lessen the need for new resources and curb waste. By merging eco-friendliness with quality, e.dye® is reshaping industry norms, leading the way in environmental responsibility.

It looks like you have engineered change. We’re curious! Could you please share with us what’s so unique in terms of design?

At e.dye®, our commitment to sustainability, especially through our infinity recycling approach, aligns well with Sympatex’s eco-friendly focus. Our collaboration could significantly advance sustainable textiles, combining e.dye®’s waterless color technology with Sympatex’s functional fabrics for a greener future.

For us, it’s about collaboration. Please share with us, what makes Sympatex your perfect match and ingredient?

Our collaboration with Sympatex is a new and exciting venture for us at e.dye®. We’ve just begun this partnership, fueled by our shared commitment to sustainability and innovation in the textile industry. As we embark on this journey together, we envision a long-term collaboration that will evolve and grow over time. Our mutual interests, especially in areas like infinity recycling and eco-friendly production processes, lay a solid foundation for a lasting relationship. We’re optimistic about it.

Apparently, our planet matters to you, too! What’s your approach in that regard?

At e.dye®, our commitment to a “better world” focuses on two core principles: reducing water usage with our Waterless Color System™ and advancing a circular economy through infinity recycling. These initiatives are central to our mission of driving sustainable change in the textile industry.