Sustainability Impact Program

A program by Performance Days and Sympatex that inspires designers to drive the circular economy. Join workshops with industry experts and students to meet, discuss and share knowledge. Let‘s challenge the status quo of recyclable materials and learn how to reduce the carbon footprint in the design process. In this program, you will rethink and learn how to create textiles in a sustainable, circular way. You will dive deep into topics like:

• Critical thinking for designers
• EU policy regarding ESPR
• Material exploration
• Innovation and creativity
• Trims, colors & accessories
• Digital & hands-on prototyping

Re>close the loop. Together.

Fashion designers, Textile enthusiasts and creative minds:
Share your expertise and challenges in this precious network for a better environment!

Design students:
Question the status quo of the textile industry and contribute to how you see the future of design.

Today's designers have to master the dance in chains! With full commitment.

Do you want to shape a better textile industry and create circular, future-proof collections? We help you optimize your choices by equipping you with expert knowledge tailored for designers. Sympatex offers recyclable fabrics, mostly made from recycled content, partly from F2F. We take our responsibility very seriously and want to offer designers the opportunity to fully exploit the potential of our products. Together with Performance Days, we offer 2 days of hands-on workshops and 2 additional online sessions from fall 2024 to spring 2025.

We often want to do more, but we simply not always have a clear idea of how. Many brands already strive to develop the most sustainable products possible, but often lack the time or energy to make consistent decisions and establish new habits. We guide you from research and brainstorming to creativity methods, prototyping and product development. You will get a broad exchange with independent industry experts on the latest knowledge of advanced technologies combined with innovative design approaches.

With the new EU legislation under the European Green Deal (ESPR – Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation), it will be crucial in future to use the right ingredients for your designs. Material selection is a top priority for Ecodesign. We put a strong focus on circular fabrics, trims and laminates with toxic-free finishing to create the essential groundwork for a future-proof product. In practical workshops you can learn how performance and sustainability work hand in hand when it comes to your inner values of your garment. After the program you will receive an exclusive overview of the most sustainable ingredients for your products.

Based on existing recycling technologies and infrastructures, we provide tailored advice to designers. Thanks to our long-standing, trusting relationships with many partners along the value chain, we can equip you with the right knowledge to help close the loop together – in an economically way. We rely on our collective commitment and experience to make effective use of existing resources and return only recyclable inputs back into the cycle. Develop ideas with us from scratch and align them with the current state of the industry!

Your key takeaways from the program

  1. Learn from industry experts to deepen your knowledge
  2. Implement circular business model strategies that work for you
  3. Expand your network to join forces for a better future

Performance Days and Sympatex cover the costs. (Travel and accommodation excluded)

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The line-up

You will benefit from top-class industry experts in the field of sustainability strategy, innovation and responsible design. Over 6 months, you will build up modules and increase your knowledge, enabling you to integrate the aspects you have learned into your company at the end of the program. We will assist you with specific questions about your own products. At the end of the program, there will be the final graduation event at Performance Days, where you will receive your certificate and celebrate your journey to a more responsible mindset as a designer.

Sustainability Specialist

Joel Svedlund


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Managing Partner

Jan Stala


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Responsible Design Strategies

Lisa Polk


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Helena Gillerblad


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Head of Experience

Jan Wagner van der Straten

The Arc

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Sustainability Lead

Marvin Kolleck

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