What does circularity mean at Montreet?

The outdoor clothing of the future is not only functional, but also consistently sustainable. For Sympatex and for our brand partners, this is already no contradiction.

In this blog post, we want to introduce you to our brand partner Montreet and dive a little deeper into the topic of circularity.

Circular Economy Deep Dive

For a long time, the cycle was closed, but we humans have broken it. New products continue to be produced, only to be tossed into large piles of waste after use. We are the first generation to be able to close the loop again. To do that, we as Sympatex produce recyclable membranes for sustainable outdoor clothing. Our brand partners, including the Montreet brand, use our polyester-based membrane to holistically close the loop and conserve resources.

A round thing – The Circle of MONTREET

“Don’t change who you are – Just start wearing green!”

Under this motto, the young designer, Nadine Schratzberger, took off in 2018 with her own outdoor fashion label. Since then, she has been designing honest sports & outdoor fashion in Vienna in the spirit of sustainability and combines functionality with trendy, unusual designs by local artists in her products and the label MONTREET.

Montreet thinks about the next generation and burns for sustainability. That’s why the brand created #thecircleofMONTREET.

  • Durable materials and design

Durability of textile functional elements is a key element of the circular economy. This process starts with the selection of materials. Therefore, Montreet does not use blended fibers and any textiles were produced without the use of harmful chemicals. Cuts are also deliberately drawn to minimize waste. You can read more about the materials here.

  • Montreet gives garbage a new life

Nadine and her team sew new products and accessories – such as headbands, scrunchies or fanny packs – from the cutting scraps that are nevertheless produced. Go to the ZeroWaste collection here.

  • Repairing broken clothes

We want our clothes to be worn as often and as long as possible. Your favorite MONTREET item has a hole or a tear? We will repair your garment for you free of charge. If the garment cannot be repaired, we will make a new one out of it. Read more here.

  • Rent jackets to use your clothes more often

To further counter the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry, Montreet also offers jackets for rent. Find out why this is important and when renting is a good alternative to buying here.



The Cyclist - Jacket - Artist Edition

100% recycled SYMPATEX membrane


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THE BASE - Jacket

100% recycled SYMPATEX membrane

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THE RUNNER - Jacket - Artist Edition

100% recycled SYMPATEX membrane

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