Sympatex presents new “Sherpa” concept at Techtextil Frankfurt

Modular Sherpa Jacket selected for Apparels on stage

Sympatex, a global leader in sustainable membranes, presents its latest advancements at Techtextil Frankfurt, April 23 – 26, 2024. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability and performance, Sympatex introduces a range of innovative solutions tailored to the circularity needs of the textile industry.

Techtextil Frankfurt serves as the perfect platform for Sympatex to unveil its recyclable materials. With a focus on driving positive change within the industry, Sympatex showcases its expertise in eco-friendly production methods and materials at Booth Bayern Innovativ, Hall 12.1, Booth C69.

“At Sympatex, we are dedicated to supporting the textile industry towards a circular economy,” said Kim Scholze, CSO Sympatex.

“Our participation in Techtextil Frankfurt underscores our belief in the power of collaboration to drive positive change. Through initiatives like our Responsible Design Guide, a cooperation with DMIx in digitalization, and teaming up with e.dye, we aim to inspire industry-wide collaboration towards a more sustainable future.”, added Scholze.

Performance Apparels on Stage

Experience the performance of technical textiles: whether smart textiles, outdoor textiles or workwear – the curated special show “Performance Apparels on Stage” shows what technical textiles can do and how versatile they are used in the clothing industry.

In Hall 11.1/ C51, selected exhibitors like Sympatex will be demonstrating the new areas in which textile innovations can take on functions. The products presented will be selected by an independent expert jury consisting of:

Wolfgang Quednau (BTTA GmbH), Judith Bosch (ETP- The European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing) and Nora Kühner (Nora Kühner | fashion . design . consulting).

Sympatex Sherpa Modular Parka

Sympatex presents “Sherpa”, a new laminate concept that combines the advantages of the classic quilted jacket with those of a membrane jacket. The “Sympatex Sherpa Modular Parka” consists of the new “Sherpa” laminate. It has been designed with respect to ecodesign and the aspect of adaptability. The “Sympatex Sherpa Modular Parka” is a complex, multifunctional product that can be disassembled into parts that can then be combined in a new way. By combining multiple user needs into one garment, the need for new garments can also be reduced.

“Stylish, waterproof, breathable, and durable. Moreover, a “Sherpa” jacket offers better thermal insulation than a softshell jacket, while being significantly lighter and more comfortable to wear. We see “Sherpa” as a successor to classic softshell jackets. It is not only made entirely from recycled material, but is also recyclable and thus precisely in the focus of the sustainability theme.”, said Petra Klattenhoff, Product Management, Corporate & Workwear.

“We can offer a wide selection of quilting patterns; custom quilting options are also possible. Further variants can be realized by the thickness of the padding and the selection of the outer fabric, so that our customers can vary the product imaginatively.”, Klattenhoff added.

“The design for versatility is about adapting a product to different styles, fits, and occasions. Consumers can wear this parka in different ways: Without the hood it is a simple everyday companion. With the collar it becomes a particularly warming outdoor clothing”, says Lisa Polk, Eco Design Expert Sympatex.

What is happening in the field of recycling and the circular economy? And which innovations have what it takes to be game changers? From sustainability to digitalization, these are the major and, above all, urgent topics that the leading trade fairs Techtextil are addressing. Sympatex is welcoming everyone interested at Booth Bayern Innovative Hall 12.1, Booth C69.


About Sympatex

Re>Closing the loop. Together. By incorporating a climate-neutral and recyclable Sympatex membrane.

100 billion garments and 23 billion pairs of shoes produced p.a. represent Sympatex‘s future source of new raw material, once they‘ve reached their end of life. The intelligent Sympatex membrane has been used in clothing, shoes, accessories and technical applications since 1986 and guarantees being 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable – in accordance with the performance standard. Intelligent? The membrane develops proportionally increasing breathability at higher activity. New and far above standard is that Sympatex produces functional textiles from recycled and recyclable monomaterials. Sympatex will no longer use new materials from the oil industry in the future. Instead, used textiles are transformed into new, high-quality membranes, laminates and functional textiles. Sympatex is working with selected brand partners worldwide to close the textile cycle together.