ISPO 2022: Sympatex exhibits in the Sustainability Hub2022

As a sign of the systemic change needed, Sympatex informs
about the EU textile strategy

“Trends need reaction, system changes require a systemic redesign” – this is the attitude of the membrane manufacturer Sympatex. This conviction of the functional specialist will be put into practice in the Sustainability Hub at ISPO Munich (Hall B2, Stand 202) at Messe München from 28 – 30 November 2022.

Every morning at 9 a.m. Sympatex invites you to the “Healthy Happy Hour” (Hall B2, Stand 202). This is where brand partners, press representatives, opinion leaders and interested parties can get in the mood for the motto of ISPO 2022: An Industry in Transformation fever.

Keeping with the current noticeable turnaround in the industry, the pioneer in the field of ecologically sustainable and recyclable functional textiles is devoting itself to a systems approach. Instead of focusing solely on the durability and reparability of a product, Sympatex sees waste management as part of its own accountability. In this way, each company becomes liable for its collateral damage upstream in the supply chain. For this reason, Sympatex is positioning itself very deliberately in the Sustailability Hub at the fair.

“We want to give an overview of our holistic approach. We would like to inform, raise awareness and call for participation in the whole system change – with the tailwind and necessity of the EU regulations. Therefore, our stand has a storytelling/exhibition character, where we invite all visitors to an exciting tour: The user journey begins with an explanation of our product and our performance, then continues through the individual steps of the cycle to the EU regulations and ends with our recommendations on eco-design rules of action,” says Nikola Kelemen, Marketing Sympatex.

“Some people believe that we can find the answer to the big challenges by breaking the challenge down into its smallest form. But by changing a few details, we will never cure the system,” Dr Rüdiger Fox, CEO Sympatex. “Durability will become our licence to operate, while design for recyclability will transform our industry,” adds Fox.

In view of this, Sympatex will be devoting itself at ISPO 2022 to the “EU Spring Package”, the forthcoming textile strategy and legislation on a circular economy on the part of the European Commission. Sympatex interprets the legal requirements for designers, product managers and the management of the sports and outdoor industry in the form of the “7 Golden Eco-Design Rules” in order to promote a circular future. Every visitor is invited to find out which measures have to be taken by 2030 in order to comply with the regulations of the European Commission in time.

The winner of the ISPO Textrends Award Fall/Winter 2024/25, the product L1679 STX Antholz Spring C0, will also be exhibited at the Sympatex stand. The three-layer laminate represents Sympatex’s mono-material strategy. Made from recycled polyester, the product already meets the requirements of the “EU Spring Package” and is fully recyclable.

The project “Sympathy-Lab Workshops x ISPO 2022” will also take place at ISPO from 28 – 30 November 2022.  Here, various working groups will produce round-table discussions on relevant topics in the exhibition hall. The sponsor of the Sympathy Lab is the membrane manufacturer Sympatex.

Thematically, the discussion rounds will be dedicated to the new generation of the outdoor industry, who have something to wish for – in terms of content, organisation, structure, strategy and attitude. The topics “Beloved Retail”, “Sustainable Design”, “Corporate Sustainability”, “Cognitive Consonance”, “Digital Dashion” and “Sustainable Communications” offer maximum potential to learn.

“What is more important to us than the future for our children? Nothing – correct.”, says Kim Scholze, Chief Sustainable Community Manager and Head of Storytelling Sympatex.

“And in order for us to be able to push this in all facets of our working and living environments, we need to know what they need. Ecologically and monetarily, it seems obvious, even if it is fragile to the maximum. As far as working worlds and design are concerned, we who shape and decide future paths can still learn a lot – we just have to listen,” Scholze adds.

The ISPO Munich trade fair is the leading international trade fair for the sports business. Around 1,000 national and international exhibitors present their latest trends for sporting goods and sports fashion in the Board, Ispovision, Ski, Sportstyle, Performance, Outdoor and Crossover segments at the ISPO trade fair in Munich.


About Sympatex

Re>Closing the loop. Together. By incorporating a climate-neutral and recyclable Sympatex membrane.

100 billion garments and 23 billion pairs of shoes produced p.a. represent Sympatex‘s future source of new raw material, once they‘ve reached their end of life. The intelligent Sympatex membrane has been used in clothing, shoes, accessories and technical applications since 1986 and guarantees being 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable – in accordance with the performance standard. Intelligent? The membrane develops proportionally increasing breathability at higher activity. New and far above standard is that Sympatex produces functional textiles from recycled and recyclable monomaterials. Sympatex will no longer use new materials from the oil industry in the future. Instead, used textiles are transformed into new, high-quality membranes, laminates and functional textiles. Sympatex is working with selected brand partners worldwide to close the textile cycle together.