Mobilize for Climate: Your Vote Shapes the Sustainable Future of Textiles

As the EU elections loom on June 6-9, 2024, it's paramount to grasp the profound impact these elections wield over our planet and communities. The incoming EU Parliament holds the reins for accelerating the enactment of the European Green Deal, paving the way for a just transition to a low-carbon economy, and championing the restoration of nature.

The environmental and climate crisis compels swift action. We can’t afford another half-decade of delay; the time for tangible sustainability strides is now. The outdoor community recognizes Europe’s pivotal role in securing a habitable planet for posterity, making the next EU Parliament’s decisions pivotal in propelling these vital initiatives forward.

At Sympatex, we’re steadfast in our commitment to fostering sustainability and ethical practices, both within the textile industry and beyond. We recognize that EU-level decisions directly impact our ability to forge a more sustainable tomorrow. Your vote holds unprecedented sway. By participating in the EU elections, you aren’t just fulfilling a civic duty; you’re shaping the policies and priorities of the EU Parliament. Together, we can ensure that sustainability remains atop the political agenda.

Looking ahead to 2030, the EU Textile Strategy envisions a seismic shift in the textile industry. Core to this vision is the pledge to fashion textile products embodying durability, recyclability, accessibility, and safety. Fast fashion’s reign wanes, making room for economically viable reuse and repair services that not only bolster sustainability but also fuel economic growth and innovation.

1. Re>Close the Loop. Together. What does that mean?

Crucially, producers are embracing accountability throughout their products’ lifecycle, ensuring responsible management from inception to disposal. Central to this paradigm shift is the thriving circular textiles ecosystem. This ecosystem flourishes on innovative fiber-to-fiber recycling capacities, minimizing textile incineration and landfilling. By prioritizing circularity, the EU aims to fashion an industry that caters to present needs while safeguarding the future.

But this vision can’t materialize in isolation. We must mobilize communities, educate peers, and amplify voices at the ballot box. Together, we can sculpt a more ethical, sustainable textile industry and pave the way for a brighter future for all.

Since 2017, Sympatex has been at the vanguard of political engagement. We’ve championed the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action and actively participated in shaping legislative proposals aligned with the EU Green Deal’s ethos. Looking beyond 2030, our vision extends to curbing overconsumption, fostering industry cooperation, and establishing regional circularity hubs to streamline material flows and production.

Our commitment resonates across every facet of our operations:

Manufacture: Our brand partners prioritize minimal water and energy consumption, recycling all waste materials into reusable granules.

Eco Design: We champion minimalist, mono-material designs to extend product lifespan and simplify recycling.

Re>Laminate: Our membrane production utilizes polyether ester, reducing water usage and CO2 emissions, with an eye toward complete reliance on recycled materials by 2030.

Re>Cycle: We repurpose used monomaterials into polyester granules for membrane manufacture.

Perform: Our durable membrane ensures prolonged product lifespan, enabling enduring outdoor adventures.

Re>Use: Designed for repeated use without function degradation, our products promote sustainability through extended use.

Re>Furbish: Repairability and reprocessing are prioritized, slowing down new product consumption.

Re>Collect: Post-use product collection facilitates material reuse through existing systems and processes.

In unity lies strength. Together, let’s seize this opportunity to catalyze change, shaping a textile industry that honors our planet and future generations.

Your vote, your voice, your choice—let’s craft a sustainable tomorrow, starting today. Let’s Re>Close the Loop. Together.

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