Siemens is the No.1 home appliances brand in Germany & sets standards in terms of technology, connectivity & design. With innovative products, we support consumers in shaping their everyday lives & the desire to help create a more sustainable future.

Tell us about you!

Curiosity is the source of our inspiration and creativity. It drives us to question the status quo, to be innovative, to improve things. To develop new technologies that make our lives better. As a leading manufacturer of home appliances, we are aware of the challenges in our world. That’s why we are driven to develop sustainable solutions that enable you to live sustainably without compromising on comfort or performance.

We're curious about your products and the link between them and Sympatex! Which are our brand touch-points?
It looks like you have engineered change. What is unique in terms of design?

Generally Brand Fit: premium positioning and active brand personality

Brand promises: Intelligent technology, aspire to sustainable progress, tackling the big challenges

Every Siemens design is inspired by you. It has always been our mission to combine your modern lifestyle with smart technology, incomparable user experience and a timeless, clear design style – an approach that is recognized in the industry worldwide.

It’s all about collaboration! Explain the cooperation you have with Sympatex. When it started and how long it will be?
What makes Sympatex the perfect match for you? Share as many details you can out our cooperation.

Our washing machines and dryers offer numerous solutions for effortless and efficient laundry care such as intuitive and time-saving functions, high-quality materials, smart solutions and striking design. With our intelligent programs and options and special programs such as outdoor and outdoor/impregnation, we offer the best possible care for high-quality outdoor and functional textiles and, together with Sympatex, ensure perfect outdoor moments.

Apparently, our planet matters to you, too!
What’s your approach in that regard? How are you working towards a "better world"?

We have always developed products that make life at home easier – and that become more sustainable and environmentally friendly with every generation: firstly, by minimizing the footprint of production and secondly making significant efficiency gains in energy and water consumption. Even in times of globalization, part of our product range is developed and produced in Germany. This has many advantages: high-quality workmanship, state-of-the-art technical standards and short transportation routes.