RICOSTA has been manufacturing high-quality children's shoes for babies, children and teenagers for over 50 years, some of which are elaborately handcrafted. The children's shoes are soft, flexible and at the same time stable. With the child-friendly fit, the development of young feet is supported and at the same time the feet are protected from damage. RICOSTA and PEPINO children's shoes are manufactured exclusively at our own production facilities in Germany, Romania, Hungary and Poland.




With our two brands RICOSTA and PEPINO we meet the different needs of children starting to walk and older children. PEPINO brand children’s shoes for the first steps in life are particularly popular with parents and children due to their extremely flexible soles, soft upper materials and optimal fit. At the same time, the shoes for babies and toddlers must also be very robust and withstand a lot. We offer the perfect mix of style and comfort for older kids and teens with our RICOSTA brand. The children’s shoes impress with the use of high-quality materials and trendy designs.

Our lightweight and comfortable sandals, barefoot shoes, low shoes, sneakers, boots or booties for children offer the perfect type of shoes for every season, tailored to the respective needs of children. The RICOSTA and PEPINO models for babies, toddlers and teens convince with their child-friendly fit, high wearing comfort and flexible soles. The different designs cover a wide range – from simple and classic, to fashionable up to date, with prints and embroidery, to colorful functional materials in combination with sophisticated lacing systems.

Sympatex is an established important partner for us over the years. The company values, such as reliability and sustainable strategies, as well as the delivered quality of the membrane exactly match our credo.

Sustainability, environmental protection and social responsibility have been part of our DNA from the very beginning. But we don’t know what the current state is: developing sustainable shoes is a process that should always be based on current possibilities. In 1999, we were the first in the industry to introduce an environmental management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. To date, we are the only certified children’s shoe manufacturer in Europe. RICOSTA has been committed to sustainability since its founding – and we oblige all our suppliers to do the same. For example, we source most of our leather from Germany and Italy, and our children’s shoes also use sustainable and natural materials such as Tencel, cork, whalecloth from sheep’s wool and recycled natural rubber.

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