Sustainable warm hands: the best winter gloves

The accessory of the moment in winter is definitely the glove. Whether mittens, finger gloves or gauntlets: the most important thing is that your hands stay toasty warm in winter. Because there's nothing worse than cold hands when skiing, sledding or going for a walk. We present the best sustainable glove models of the season that will keep your hands permanently warm.

Quelle: Sympatex - ©A.Brey
Dank CO2-​neutraler und recycelbarer Sympatex Membran absolut wind- und wasserdicht: Nachhaltige Handschuhe von unserem Brandpartner Roeckl Sports.

Nobody wants cold fingers in winter, we agree – so it’s worth investing in some good and sustainable winter gloves. Especially if you love winter sports and enjoy spending hours skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or skating. Because icy temperatures, snow and wetness are simply part of winter.

Sustainable winter accessories from our brand partners

In cooperation, our two brand partners Zanier and Bleed developed the Eco Active Glove, a multifunctional outdoor glove that closes the recycling loop 100%. Zanier has been actively committed to environmental and climate protection since 2019, constantly pushing sustainable materials and is the world’s only CO2-neutral glove manufacturer. The Bavarian company Bleed has been the outdoor brand for sustainable lifestyle since 2008. The materials used for the innovative glove are bluesign® and oeko-tex® certified, while at the same time highly functional: including Sympatex laminate with water-based silicone print. So this glove has not only been produced sustainably but also closes the recycling loop – after its useful life – in collaboration with Bleed and Sympatex.

Quelle: Sympatex - ©Bleed
Das bayerische Unternehmen BLEED ist bereits seit 2008 DIE Outdoor-Marke für nachhaltigen Lifestyle.

Sustainable ski gloves for the most extreme conditions

Brilliant white powder snow, just waiting to make a few sporty swings on it – as beautiful as the pleasure of skiing is, the weather conditions on the mountains are as varied as people’s preferences when it comes to skiing. Accordingly, the equipment must be reliable and functional. Our brand partner Roeckl Sports has therefore designed ski gloves with high heat retention and high-performance climate management. The Sequoia STX ski glove from Roeckl Sports’ ECO.SERIES was also designed to be as resource-friendly as possible. The pleasantly lightweight ski glove was made with recycled materials – with unchanged first-class performance. For example, a breathable outer fabric made of 100 per cent recycled polyester is used on the backhand and is permanently water-repellent even without environmentally harmful PFCs. Thanks to the CO2-neutral and recyclable Sympatex membrane, the ski glove is absolutely windproof and waterproof.

Quelle: Sympatex - ©A.Brey
Nachhaltige Skisporthandschuhe für Extrembedingungen von unserem Brandpartner Roeckl Sports.

Glove or mitten? The most important thing is sustainability!

The new and sustainable Ex4 ski glove line from our brand partner Ziener was also created for the needs of outdoor athletes. However, the topic of sustainability is fully in the spotlight of this winter glove collection: recycled materials were used, and the ski gloves are also C02-neutral and PFC-free. And if you should have taken too much out of the gloves: Ziener even offers a repair service for the Ex4 collection.

Copyright: (c) Ziener
Die Ex4 Handschuh-Kollektion von Ziener basiert auf 4 Säulen: Recycelte Materialien, CO2-Neutralität, PFC-frei und ein Repair Service.

Whether gloves or mittens – on your next powder ski day or winter walk, the best way to warm your fingers is with sustainable winter gloves!

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