Dopamine Dressing – the «healthy» fashion trend 2021

With this new fashion trend, a good mood is guaranteed, because "Dopamine Dressing" is based on clothing that is fun, brings color into life, and is supposedly even good for your health.

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Wenn die Laune im Keller ist, helfen knallige, helle Farben und exzentrische Muster dem Glück auf die Sprünge.

It’s no secret that the Corona pandemic has also brought a change in fashion. Sweatpants were likely the most popular garment of the past few months. Comfortable, monotone, and casual instead of dressed up and fancy was the fashion theme during the lockdown. But after the so-called «comfort dressing», the «dopamine dressing» trend is now waiting in the wings with spring.

Beim «Dopamine Dressing» stimmt nicht nur die Ästhetik, sondern auch die Austrahlung, denn dieser neue Fashion-Trend 2021 steht einfach allen – und macht dabei sogar glücklich! Man könnte fast sagen, „Dopamine Dressing“ ist gut für die Gesundheit.


But how does the fashion-induced release of the happiness hormone dopamine, the so-called «dopamine dressing,» actually work? The short answer: with clothing that makes you happy. The more colorful and flashy, the better. There are no guidelines: Whatever pleases is allowed! Because studies prove: People who wear bright colors and clothes that make them feel good all over feel better. This is due to the neurotransmitter dopamine, which, together with serotonin, is one of the so-called «happiness hormones».

The influence of clothing on one’s own mental state was already demonstrated in 2012 in an experiment by Hajo Adam and Adam Galinsky. The two scientists asked their study participants to put on a white coat. One half was told they were wearing a doctor’s coat, the other half was told they were wearing a painter’s coat. And lo and behold, the people in the supposed doctor’s coat automatically exhibited more self-confidence.


The «symbolic meaning» of clothing, which is transferred to oneself, is also noticed by others. If we feel comfortable in what we wear, we are perceived more positively overall. Because when we feel comfortable in fashion, our posture, voice, and facial expressions also change.

And what makes most people happy? Bright colors! Because we associate bright and flashy colors with the springtime when the sun finally warms us again after cold winter months and nature blossoms in all its glory. So with bright yellow, radiant blue, soft green, or cheerful purple, you can super effectively bring positive vibes into the gray everyday life.


With a colorful happiness booster, our feelings and behavior change. This is because we absorb colors through the eyes into the part of our brain where our emotions are located. So other people also benefit from the trend: because when you wear a colorful outfit, you only see yourself in the mirror, but other people perceive the colors and project the good mood back in turn. A win-win situation for everyone!

And in the current time of crisis, the increase of our dopamine household is especially significant, because we really need a little good mood boost for our mental health, after a year of pandemic and lockdown chaos.


Still not sure which colorful fashion pieces will get your dopamine pumping on your outdoor adventures? Don’t worry, we’ve picked out some stylish suggestions for you that definitely have what it takes to be a dopamine booster – thanks to strong colors and patterns.

Sustainable outdoor brands like AYAQ, TOBE, LAGOPED, and ROTAUF have also recognized this new color trend and are focusing on bright and colorful styles and creative patterns. Our brand partners DC Shoes, ROSSIGNOL, and FLY Racing are also giving sustainable outerwear a refreshing coat of paint.


But before you fall into a buying frenzy, storm all the reopened stores in town and your bank balance drops dangerously close to zero, take a look at your closet. Most of the time we have too many unworn clothes anyway and can easily combine beloved pieces with each other in a completely new way. That not only boosts your mood, but also the environment – and your wallet.

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