“We are the first generation,” – new brand claim and rejuvenated corporate identity

With a reduced logo, new brand claim and bright colours, the Munich-based functional specialist invites industry participants and end consumers to become part of a common movement that consistently and collaboratively implements a more sustainable textile industry.

Munich / Unterfoehring, February 01, 2021 – At Sympatex Technologies, the new year begins with a breath of fresh air and a completely revised corporate identity. The voluntary commitment to implement the textile cycle together with as many market partners as possible by 2030 is now also reflected on a visual level. With the new slogan “We are the first generation,” the Munich-based functional specialist boldly brings this mission to the fore. The new brand claim addresses both the industry and the end consumer and calls for voluntary action for a consistently more sustainable textile industry with lightness, optimism and courage. The previously familiar logo disappears completely in the process, and the revised Sympatex lettering also deliberately recedes into the background to give this mission even more space.

The new Sympatex brand claim “We are the first generation,” calls on people to become part of a new movement. It deliberately addresses all those who, despite all the challenges, unswervingly set out to create a textile industry without side effects. All those who, like Sympatex, identify with this path are part of this “first generation” – the first generation that does business differently, that regenerates instead of just generating. For this “first generation”, sustainability and comfort are no longer a contradiction in terms, because we are already the first generation to have the technology in hand to combine comfort with a sense of responsibility. Therefore, for this generation, the focus on sustainability and circular economy is not a constraint, but an inspiration for innovation. The “first generation” also refers to all those for whom freedom is not just an individual right, but a willingness to make the right choices. For this “first generation” it is a playful challenge to find out how waste can be turned back into gold – without leaving any traces. A “first generation” that has the means and can decide to leave the world better than it was when they inherited it from their parents.

“The year 2020 has shaken our world as we knew it. This crisis has pushed us to the limits of what we can handle. But it has also shown us how intensely connected we are – regardless of nationality, gender or political conviction,” said Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO Sympatex Technologies. “We should all now become part of the first generation that recognizes in this co-dependence a reliable network to jointly build a new economic order that takes the legitimate interests of future generations into account on an equal level. We are already the first generation that knows all the issues that will matter in the future – now, we can be the first to do the right thing – “the first generation”. For us, recycled materials that can be recycled again are just one piece of the puzzle – our bigger goal is to work with our brand partners, retailers and consumers to fully close the loop,” Fox emphasizes.


About Sympatex – The climate-neutral and recyclable membrane

As one of the worldwide leading producers, Sympatex® Technologies has been a synonym for high-tech functional materials in clothing, footwear, accessories and technical fields of application since 1986. Together with selected partners, Sympatex develops, produces and distributes membranes, laminates and functional textiles as well as finished products worldwide. The Sympatex membrane is highly breathable, 100% wind- and waterproof and regulates the climate. It is 100% recyclable, climate-neutral, bluesign® certified, and it received the ‘Oeko-Tex-Standard 100’ certificate. It is also PTFE-free and PFC-free. The technologies and procedures are based on the principles of ecological responsibility and sustainability with a special focus on the optimal carbon footprint. Sympatex is represented worldwide with sales offices and branches. www.sympatex.com