“Sympathy Lab” enables closed ecological loop

“Sympathy Lab” enables closed ecological loop

Munich / Unterföhring, January 26, 2017 – Sympatex Technologies will present its agenda 2020 at ISPO Munich 2017 (February 5 – 8, 2017, Hall A1, Booth 418). The ecological alternative amongst functional textile specialists aims at closing the ecological loop in the functional clothing sector by 2020. Sympatex creates the perfect and required prerequisite for it with its 100% recycled, PTFE-free and PFC-free Sympatex membrane, which will be offered as a completely climate-neutral product from 2017 on. The Sympatex ecological classification launched at ISPO subdividing the laminate portfolio by purely ecological aspects lays the foundation for a quick implementation of its agenda 2020. Now Sympatex invites all manufacturers to the “Sympathy Lab” that has been initiated for this purpose to jointly embark on the journey to completely sustainable outdoor clothing by 2020.

Agenda 2020: step-by-step more sustainability

The aim is to make the entire laminate portfolio step-by-step sustainable by 2020 – i.e. absolutely eliminating C6 fluorocarbons of the equipment area, continuously enhancing materials apt for upcycling and consistently increasing the share of recycled and renewable resources in the outer fabric and lining.

This means: step-by-step, Sympatex is going to abolish the lowest categories out of five dedicated laminate categories of its new ecological clustering – ranging from “10% Sympathy Inside” for the yet lowest level of sustainability up to “100% Sympathy Inside” for the best ecological category. These categories, e.g. with C6 treatment, will be replaced by alternatives for the outdoor and fashion market in the future and no longer be provided in the medium term. The products of the current “10% Sympathy Inside” category will be abolished in 2018 already. The products of the “30% Sympathy Inside” category will only be offered until 2020. The “50% Sympathy Inside” category and higher exclusively cover fluorocarbon-free C0 treatment. The “70% Sympathy Inside” category and higher use extra one third of recycled or renewable materials apt for upcycling (e.g. pure materials). The best “100% Sympathy Inside” category reflects the closed loop of Sympatex, i.e. not only the membrane is climate-neutral, but the entire laminate. Furthermore, at least two thirds of recycled or renewable materials are used and the laminates are definitely apt for upcycling (i.e. for example more than 90 percent pure materials).

“Whoever thinks to successfully divert attention from the ecological problems by ever more technologically advanced finesse, significantly underestimates the consumer”, says Dr. Rüdiger Fox, CEO of Sympatex Technologies. “Both the younger generation as well as the entire society are fully aware of the fact that we owe our children to not leave them any legacies in exchange for our comfort. This change of mindset can be seen everywhere – and we have decided to passionately support our customers to successfully tackle this turnaround instead of marking time.”


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Guaranteed Green – The Sympatex recyclable membrane

As one of the worldwide leading producers, Sympatex® Technologies has been a synonym for high-tech functional materials in clothing, footwear, accessories and technical fields of application since 1986. Together with selected partners, Sympatex develops, produces and distributes membranes, laminates and functional textiles as well as finished products worldwide. The Sympatex membrane is highly breathable, 100% wind- and waterproof and regulates the climate. It is 100% recyclable, bluesign® certified, and it received the ‘Öko-Tex-Standard 100’ certificate. It is also PTFE-free and PFC-free. The technologies and procedures are based on the principles of ecological responsibility and sustainability with a special focus on the optimal carbon footprint. Sympatex is represented worldwide with sales offices and branches. www.sympatex.com


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