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On the occasion of PERFORMANCE DAYS MUNICH ( beginning of May 2019, Sympatex lately has launched several highly functional, lightweight and extremely sustainable 2, 2,5 and 3-layer laminates which are perfectly suited for use in the outdoor, fashion and athleisure industry sector

Image: Sympatex
STX Toulouse Rise C0 3 Layer

One of the highlighted new functional materials: The 3-layer “STX Toulouse Rise C0” is highly functional whereby its 3rd layer made of soft jersey provides for a particularly pleasant feeling of comfort. Its eco-balance values are excellent: the production of a Sympatex copolymer emits 50 times less CO2 compared with a PTFE polymer – the remaining CO2 amount has been compensated with internationally certified climate protection projects since 2017. In addition to its C0 finishing, the upper fabric and backing are made of 100% recycled PES, which conserves around 90% water, approx. 2/3 energy and around 1/3 CO2, compared to virgin oil fibres. With the 100% recyclable Sympatex membrane, this European single-variety article can enter the textile cycle without any concern.

Video-Statement of James McKay, Business Development Manager at Sympatex, on the occasion of PERFORMANCE DAYS MUNICH:


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James McKay, Business Development Manager bei Sympatex, has lately been interviewed by the organizational team of Performance Days Munich with regard to the 100% recycled and recyclable as well as climate-neutral Sympatex functional textiles. Moreover, James talks about the growing importance of PERFORMANCE DAYS MUNICH and FUNCTIONAL FABRIC FAIR New York ( especially when it comes to sustainable developments in our functional fabrics industry.

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