ziben develop and produce safety footwear and various safety-related products for workers working in various workplaces and industries. We started with the goal of developing footwears for workers to be safe with better comfort and to be differentiated from existing safety footwears in the market. After long period of preparation, we are expanding our business producing safety footwear in 2007 to outdoor, comfort-health footwears. ziben always research & develop for new better products, under the slogan “The value created by difference in thinking”


Our priority concern is to deliver the products to workers to keep them safe from various dangers in hazardous environment and make them feel more comfortable in their working environment. In order to deliver high-quality products, we go through a rigorous selection process to select all sorts of subsidiary materials. By choosing sustainable Sympatex laminate together with natural upper shells, and other top quality materials. We want to set our products to be apart from other brands, Also we pursue stylized products by adding up the fashionable designs in safety footwear not to make safety footwears looks clunky by only considering the safety.

Our goal is to create a unique perfect design of ziben that is luxurious and sophisticated design but also practical, convenient, and safe. Our design overcome the clunky design of safety products, and applies a casual, sophisticated design that makes you comfortable to wear our product in everyday life. You will not be able to find the old stereotype design of safety footwear in ziben.

Our value is to provide consumer with better working environment and brighter and joyful energy at work. Sustainable commitment of Sympatex to environment and research & development of technology for the health of wearers aligns with ziben’s corporate values. Collaboration between two companies that see value in each other is a natural fit.

We are clear that companies also have obligations and responsibilities. Our path is the endless work to satisfy the consumers, at the same time we need to fulfill the environmental responsibility. The technology agreement with Sympatex is just a part of our commitment to the environment, we also strive to be environmentally in all areas, such as using eco-friendly certified paper (FSC) and completely disposing the waste materials.


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