Proud heritage
Half a century: That is how long the Zanier family has been burning for the best grip, the most comfortable fit and the highest functionality in their gloves. An anniversary is a reason for celebration, but also an occasion to position the company and its products for the future. With a focus on sustainability, the use of innovative technologies and exciting partners, glove expert Zanier is starting a new era. This also includes a contemporary design with high recognition value.

As a traditional Tyrolean company, Zanier packs its passion for mountain sports into its products. Zanier focuses on the best materials, precise workmanship and exceptional design. Standstill is not an option and so Zanier continues to develop or reinvents the glove models with the help of experts who have become friends over time. The result is products that provide the best possible protection and support for athletes and help them to enjoy adventures in the mountains. Equipment for the highest demands requires the best materials, high functionality and excellent workmanship.

Strong materials
New materials bring many advantages: That’s why the Innsbruck glove expert works together with strong partners. For Zanier, sustainability is a matter of the heart. That is why the company has decided to use Sympatex as an environmentally friendly, fully recyclable and climate neutral membrane in a number of new models. The highly functional Sympatex membrane offers 100% waterproof and windproof protection, is optimally breathable and can be completely recycled.

Sustainable products from Zanier


REVOLUTION.XSX Freeride gloves

  • highly functional and stylish
  • optimal fit and soft wearing comfort
  • improved haptics through Z-GRIP technology

CHRISTAL.LECH Stylish ski gloves for women

  • functionality meets elegance
  • sparkling appearance thanks to Swarovski crystals

KALS.STX Ski gloves for teenagers

  • sporty, simple and yet effective
  • offers ideal protection with optimal breathability
  • HEAT PAD pocket on the backhand

Blog post about the partner

“It takes years of expertise to produce the perfect ski or outdoor glove”

Innovative familiy business with tradition: A conversation with Markus Zanier about gloves, sustainability and the passion for outdoor experiences.

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