“We are mainly interested in the functionality of a jacket”

Everyone needs them: rainwear that not only withstands wind and weather, but also takes into account special needs, for example those of cyclists. After all, even the tightest rain jacket is of no use if the back is slowly getting damp because the jacket is cut too short. And being outdoors is only fun as long as you don't become soaked, chilly or sweat excessively.

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Edwin Haid is wearing Pro-X element jackets with Sympatex membrane.
Picture: Pro-X elements
Edwin Haid is wearing a Pro-X element jacket with Sympatex membrane.

The name Pro-X elements sounds promising – what exactly does the name stand for and since when does the brand exist?

Edwin Haid: “The “Pro” stands for professionalism, the “X” stands for the variety of possible applications and “elements” communicates the way into nature. This triad embodies the most important brand characteristics. Pro-X elements was founded in 2010 out of the originally French fashion brand K.WAY, which already successfully sold weather protection clothing in the 70s and is considered a pioneer in fashionable, functional rainwear. Today, however, Pro-X elements operates as an independent label.”

Basically speaking, what distinguishes a rain jacket from Pro-X elements from those of other manufacturers?

Edwin Haid: “As specialists for rainwear per se, we are first and foremost interested in the all-weather suitability of the garment, i.e. a Pro-X elements jacket must be waterproof, windproof and breathable in any case, and of course proportionally adapted to the area of use. This is our core competence and here we have our USP. Our customers also appreciate our competence as a fit specialist with more than 30 years of experience, because in the rain the jacket must fit correctly for the weather protection to work“.


Damen Funktionsjacke / Regenjacke Carina
Bild: Pro-X elements

What special challenges need to be overcome, for example, in the development of rain jackets for cycling?

Edwin Haid: “When designing a jacket, the special seating position on the bike must be taken into account. We therefore pay attention to slightly longer sleeves, a longer back and useful accessories like reflective piping. In addition, with a total of 35 different sizes we try to cover almost the entire spectrum of human body measurements. An indispensable feature of our rainwear is the integrated pannier, which has its origins in over 30 years of company history.

What exactly is this “packable” feature?

Edwin Haid: “As the successor of the cult brand K.WAY in Germany, almost all of our jackets, trousers and ponchos are traditionally “packable”, i.e. they can be stowed away to a very small size. Small packed either in a separate pack sack or integrated into one of the jacket pockets and immediately ready to hand again when needed. The weather is always good for surprises and with our “packable concept” you are always on the safe side“.


Bild: Pro-X elements

Which products, apart from rain jackets, does Pro-X elements currently have in its range?

Edwin Haid: “Whether rain trousers or rain jackets, we have the perfect piece of clothing for everyone when the sun isn’t shining outside or the weather forecast is unfavourable. Since the demands on function, appearance and price ranges are very different, we offer a wide range of “bad weather solutions”, starting from the simple rain jacket to the classic East Frisian mink to high-tech jackets“.

What role does sustainability play in your production? Because particularly waterproof clothing is often heavily contaminated with harmful chemicals.

Edwin Haid: “Regardless of the price range, we have consistent quality standards for all products and customer satisfaction is the highest good. This is why we have been impregnating all newly manufactured products 100% PFC-free since 2016. The equipment we use is harmless for humans and nature, and therefore protects the environment. Our biodegradable equipment is resistant to washing, very resistant to abrasion and thus guarantees long-lasting rain protection. Of course, it is also important to us that the full function for wind and weather protection is maintained.”

Funktion und Style: Regenjacken von Pro-X elements
Bild: Pro-X elements

What other actions ensure environmentally friendly production at Pro-X elements?https://www.sympatex.com/en/about-us/product-and-technology/

Edwin Haid: “In order to live up to our claim of being a sustainable supplier of rainwear, we use not only PFC-free equipment but also 100% PTFE-free laminates, e.g. Sympatex or our PXE membrane“.

You also like to put your rain jackets through their paces yourself – how did your last product test go?

Edwin Haid: “The pictures below were taken during the Corsica GR20 Tour. We had bad weather for three days in a row and were able to intensively test the performance of our Pro-X elements Sympatex jackets, as it rained non-stop. Since then we have been convinced of the performance, functionality and reliability, even in extreme conditions“.

Regenjacken Selbsttest Edwin Haid
Bild: Die Regenjacken im Selbsttest mit Edwin Haid

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