Sustainable rain jackets – eco friendly & fair

Sustainable rain jackets without toxic PFAS - they exist! Therefore, we show you the best rain jackets that protect both, you and the environment.

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Asian woman is outdoors while it's raining. She felt refreshed.
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With the proper rain jacket, you’ll always be in a good mood even in rainy weather.

In Hamburg they say “Schietwetter” – a rather pleasant way of describing a day when it rains cats and dogs from dawn to dusk. On days like this, you don’t want to leave your cosy home. However with an average of 195 rainy days per year, that’s not an option (at least in Hamburg). But sustainable rain jackets are!

A remedy for “Schietwetter”: sustainable rainwear

Stephan Knüppel, founder and owner of Sympatex brand partner Elkline, probably thought so too. The Hamburg-based label produces sustainable functional and rainwear and does not use toxic chemicals such as PFAS. Instead, Elkline relies on environmentally friendly, health-friendly, safe and above all pollutant-free materials, such as the 100% recycled and recyclable Sympatex membrane.

Sustainable rain jacket with Sympatex membrane
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Waterproof, windproof, breathable and without harmful chemicals - the perfect sustainable rain jacket.

But why should you consider buying rain jackets that are PFAS-free? Above all, perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals, in short PFAS, make clothing waterproof, but they are anything but environmentally friendly.

What are PFAS used for and why is that problematic?

Unfortunately, PFAS are used especially in the textile industry because of their water-, grease- and dirt-repellent qualities. For example for waterproof outdoor clothing, footwear, work clothes and dirt-repellent carpets.

The problem here is that PFAS are hardly degradable and therefore remain in the environment for a very long time. Moreover, some PFAS accumulate in the environment and in organisms and are also harmful to people’ health.

PFAS are so-called #ForeverChemicals - once in the environment, they are irreversibly forever.

PFAS are already released into the environment during their production, as well as during the use of PFAS in textile finishing. Further during the daily use of these textiles (e.g. washing processes) and finally also during their disposal, they successively enter the environment.

PFAS are not readily degradable

The perfluorinated chemicals that get into the water cannot be removed in sewage treatment plants. As a result thus reach remote areas such as the Arctic and the animals living there via our rivers and oceans. And we humans also absorb PFAS into our bodies through contaminated drinking water or food.

Effects Of PFAS On Human Health
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The effects of PFASs are alarming. For humans and the environment likewise.

Sustainable alternatives

But fortunately, there is a sustainable alternative with an equivalent water-repellent effect: The Sympatex membrane. The Sympatex membrane consists of polyether-ester that is harmless to health, environmentally and skin-friendly and can be recycled like a PET bottle.

Due to its environmental compatibility and sustainability, the Sympatex membrane is certified with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. And it also meets the strict bluesign® criteria in terms of environmental protection and safety. Without compromising on performance, textiles with Sympatex are also 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable.

In short, our brand partners Bleed, Elkline, Mamalila and Montreet do not use any toxic #foreverchemicals in the production of their rain jackets. In other words, you can wear these rain jackets without worrying about harming yourself or the environment.

Enjoying the rain with a sustainable rain jacket
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With a sustainable rain jacket, the waters remain free of toxic chemicals.

Sustainable rain jackets with style

With the waterproof ACTION rain jacket from Elkline, you no longer need to check the weather forecast before heading out. This modern and highly functional rainshell jacket is extremely durable, very lightweight and, of course, completely waterproof and windproof. And the Sympatex membrane makes the jacket extremely breathable. In addition it perfectly adapts the personal climate to the external weather conditions.

Elkline rain jacket with Sympatex membrane
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The modern and functional Rainshell jacket by Elkline is the perfect choice for "Schietwetter".".

Weathering the rain with Austrian fashion design

The young Austrian sports fashion label MONTREET by Nadine Schratzberger also focuses on sustainable and recyclable functional clothing. The products are designed in Vienna and produced in Europe. MONTREET combines sustainability, functionality and the trendy and unusual designs of national artists to create modern high-tech sports fashion.

Sustainable rain jacket by MONTREET
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MONTREET's colourful designs put a smile on your face whatever the weather.

If you are into cycling, the sustainable sports jacket THE CYCLIST for riders is perfect for you. Whether for biking in nature or in the city. Thanks to its special cut and environmentally friendly production as well as a water column of over 20k, cycling fun is guaranteed – even in rainy weather. And those who opt for the “Artist Edition” of the jacket even get a real genuine one-of-a-kind, designed by the Viennese artist BOICUT. Because sustainability and style are not mutually exclusive!

Rain protection without compromise: CO2-neutral & functional

Recycled and climate compensated manufacturing: The SYMPATEX RAINSHELL jacket by Bleed is a fully climate neutrally produced functional jacket. In addition, Bleed is one of the first brands in the sports and streetwear sector to work with exclusively recycled or biodegradable textiles. In cooperation with climate protection consultant ClimatePartner and Sympatex. Additionally, the water consumption is always checked and electricity from renewable energies is used.

Bleed rain jacket with Sympatex membrane
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The sustainable rain jacket by Bleed is produced in a climate-neutral way and is completely recyclable.

Reduced to the essentials and thus lightweight, the functional rain jacket by Bleed can be stowed away small. That’s perfect for unexpected rain showers on the go. And this rain jacket is absolutely sustainable: Because the Sympatex fabric made from recycled polyester, the Sympatex membrane and the impregnation are 100% free from highly toxic PFAS. Last but not least, the rain jacket is recyclable again after use due to its varietal purity.

Sustainable rain jackets for babywearing

Getting out & about with your new little one requires special rainwear: That’s why Sympatex brand partner Mamalila has developed functional jackets that protect not only mothers and fathers, but also their offspring from the rain. Whether as a pregnancy jacket, baby carrier jacket or everyday outdoor jacket: the sustainable rain jackets from Mamalila always fit!

Mamalila rain jacket with Sympatex membrane
Copyright © Mamalila
Whether during pregnancy or with the little one: Mamalila rain jackets always fit!

The Organic Rain Babywearing Jacket Riga is made of recycled polyester and organic cotton, offers full wind and weather protection, is waterproof and breathable. And of course PFAS-free impregnated and comfortable to wear. That is to say an entirely sustainable and functional eco-product. The Outdoor Babywearing Jacket Performance with recycled Sympatex membrane also provides reliable protection against wind and rain.

We are already eagerly awaiting the next rain. Not only because the drought is increasingly affecting fields and forests, but also to finally be able to wear sustainable rain jackets from our brand partners again!

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